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Jiwolne, "Sustainable Environment Festival Contest Winners and Eco Concert Broadcast"

Sustainability World Network (Jiwolne), an incorporated association, announced on the 22nd that it has decided to broadcast the winners of the 'Eco Concept Daily Award Video Contest' and 'Eco Concert' of the 1st E-Con, a sustainable environment festival, on OBS.

The contest winning entries will be aired on 'Dreaming U', a program that introduces videos produced by viewers, and the Eco Concert will be organized separately.

Since last year, OBS has been producing and broadcasting related content, including environmental documentaries, under the theme of 'Environment Must', promoting the reality of the climate environment, the necessity of disaster safety, and ways to overcome it.

Jiwol's Chairman Choi Soo-il said, "The campaign promoted by Jiwol's, utilizing over 30 years of broadcasting production experience, will be carried out in cooperation with media with a large impact," and added, "We hope that many Eco people will participate in this event."

The Eco Concert featuring Resurrection, Black Swan, Kisum, April Second, and Megamax, which will be held at the Gwangjin Cultural Foundation's Naru Art Center on April 17, will contain messages from artists about eco-friendly practices to overcome the climate crisis. Tickets are available through 'Basket' You can apply through ‘funding’.

Source: Korea Duty Free News ( )


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