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SWN Chairman's Message


Sustainable World Network

Chairman CHOE SU-IL 

The effects of climate change on weather patterns and ecosystems on both land and sea are accelerating conspicuously, and natural disasters beyond our imagination are occurring worldwide. The iconic koalas of Australia are facing extinction due to wildfires, glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, and coastal cities and towns are increasingly being submerged due to rising sea levels, leading to a surge in climate refugees.

As someone who has made broadcasting and cultural events my profession, the SDGs forum involving major global institutions during the pandemic era made me realize the severity of the environmental issues our planet is facing. It instilled in me a sense of urgency that we cannot simply stand by and watch. I thought that the categories of campaigns that experts in the broadcasting and cultural events field can participate in, myself included, might be slightly different. I hope that the climate change campaigns we  have started to address will contribute to creating a sustainable world by spreading from our small voices to resonant impacts.

I wish for everyone to reflect on their lifestyles today once again, for the sake of our planet.

숲기사 / 숲을기부하는사람들 / 엘라스트 / 엘라스트숲기사  / 숲조성 / 맹그로브숲조성 / 사막화방지숲기사

Brief History

1997 Minister's Award Ministry of Culture,Sports & Tourism

Former Producer & Director  SBS TV

Former General TV Production M.Net TV 

Former Director STAR TV/ Chairman Channel [V] Korea

Former Artistic Director CHOE*CNM

Current Artistic Director Channel BRAVO

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