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Ongoing Campaign

We support the regeneration of waste resources and the establishment of a circulation system for ‘the nature that protects me and the earth that I protect,’ and we take the lead in activities for the sustainability of the eco-friendly ecosystem and the protection of human rights.

진행중인 캠페인
숲기사 / 숲을기부하는사람들 / 엘라스트 / 엘라스트숲기사  / 숲조성 / 맹그로브숲조성 / 사막화방지숲기사

Plant forests to combat climate change

Reduce the risk of natural disasters by establishing forests.

Currently, a forest the size of a soccer field disappears every two seconds around the world. It is said that over 2.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide will be emitted from burned forests around the world between July and August 2021 due to forest fires.

Mitigate climate change by creating forests as carbon sinks.

Please create forests to reduce the Earth's greenhouse effect and maintain biodiversity.

Glaciers are melting in a chain reaction, causing sea levels to rise.

Climate refugees are emerging due to areas where they live being submerged and natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and typhoons.

Forests protect watersheds that supply 75% of the world's freshwater.

숲기사 / 숲을기부하는사람들 / 엘라스트 / 엘라스트숲기사  / 숲조성 / 맹그로브숲조성 / 사막화방지숲기사

2024 Climate Protection Challenge

Our home without microplastic emissions

Microplastics are so close to our lives.
The only way is to reduce plastic usage.
What should we do to reduce plastic?

April 22nd

Earth Day Campaign

April is the month of Earth Day.
Zero campaign to avoid using plastic disposable products for the sake of the earth!
​Please join us.

숲기사 / 숲을기부하는사람들 / 엘라스트 / 엘라스트숲기사  / 숲조성 / 맹그로브숲조성 / 사막화방지숲기사

Today’s resolution!

Choose a reusable container

If you inevitably use delivery, try using the reusable container option.

For the sake of the earth, do not turn on delivery apps and ordering apps!!

Think again about whether it is something you really need.

Courier services generate a lot of box waste, and deliveries generate disposable plastic containers that cannot be recycled.

568 plastic delivery containers are used per person per year, or 17.3 billion in total in the country. (Data source: Chungnam National University Professor Jang Yong-cheol’s research team/Greenpeace)
On Earth Day, give the gift of zero for the earth.

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