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Sustainable World Network?

For the sustainable global environment, there is an increasing need for a worldwide citizen participation and empathy in environmental activism. SWN is a non-profit organization where cultural, artistic, and media professionals take the lead in developing campaigns and environmental contents aimed at promoting everyday eco-friendly lifestyles, safe ecosystem restoration, and human rights protection.

숲기사 / 숲을기부하는사람들 / 엘라스트 / 엘라스트숲기사  / 숲조성 / 맹그로브숲조성 / 사막화방지숲기사

SWN's main activities include


Establishment of terrestrial and marine forests for ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration


Development of contents and operation of campaigns for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Public interest campaigns and media content production for climate change adaptation.


Implementing environmental events and cultural projects


Disaster safety campaigns and media content development in response to climate crises.

Our Mission

Sustainable World Network (SWN) aims to promote practical activities under the theme of "Protecting the Earth I Live on to Preserve the Nature That Protects Me." Urgent climate and environmental actions are needed where citizens voluntarily participate in ecosystem conservation activities to create a planet where nature and humans can coexist harmoniously.


We engage in proactive environmental and cultural activities to encourage all citizens to pursue eco-friendly lifestyles in response to the climate change crisis.


We conduct forestation activities to preserve and restore ecosystems on both land and sea.


To ensure a sustainable future, we advocate against consumer-oriented lifestyles that contribute to environmental destruction, promoting habits of consuming less, reducing waste, and conserving resources.


We pursue campaigns and environmental activities to raise awareness about the importance of resource recycling and renewable energy.

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