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‘Eco Concert’, which presented a unique environmental festival, ended successfully

Date written: April 18, 2022

Written by: Sustainable World Network, Inc.

Title: ‘Eco Concert’, a unique environmental festival, ends successfully


The 'Eco-Concert', co-hosted by the Gwangjin Cultural Foundation (CEO Han Jin-seop) and the Sustainable World Network (hereinafter referred to as Jiwolne), a climate and environment specialized content workshop, ended successfully with great enthusiasm from the audience.

A variety of Eco BACK-RE featuring eco-friendly fashion shows participated by kids and senior models, as well as eco-friendly activities by celebrities and Daegu Girls' High School students! Along with the campaign video, the audience cheered and gave an encore to the revival stage, starting with April Second, followed by Kisum, Megamax, and Black Swan. On each stage, the musicians mentioned environmental issues and expressed gratitude for being able to respond to climate change through music, and showed active interaction with the audience in a packed auditorium for the first time in a long time since the coronavirus pandemic.

The eco-friendly fashion show, which opened with the theme of reform and sustainable fashion, impressed the audience from the first stage with the costumes of designer Yoo Seon-hee, who changed the design using artificial leather instead of animal leather, along with fire-retardant clothing and fashion accessories upcycled from waste. .


Jin-seop Han, President of the Gwangjin Cultural Foundation, said, “I am glad that I was able to raise awareness of the need to respond to climate change through this performance.” He added, “We will continue to carry out eco-friendly activities and support projects in which many residents can easily participate, thereby fulfilling the social responsibility of public institutions.” “I will work hard to do everything I can,” he emphasized.

Soo-il Choi, Chairman of Jiwolne, said, “I am deeply grateful to the Gwangjin Cultural Foundation for putting on a meaningful performance with the theme of the environment.” He added, “April Second and Resurrection prepared tumblers on stage and performed, and the musicians all showed their sincere support for the environment. “I was confident that E-Con could expand into a global festival in the future as I saw them conveying messages and having fun on each stage,” he said.

One visitor said that it felt like a turning point for the environmental concert and that it strengthened his resolve to practice eco-friendly activities in the future.


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